To the dear friend (*'ー'*)

The snow fluttered. A very cold day seems to continue. ><。

In vigour indefinitely♡

Good evening. It is rideimu.(*'ー'*)~☆
Recently, it became cold.
It snowed in the town where I lived.
The tremble of the room has not stopped any longer if going outside though it is warm
because heating works to the office. UU。
It runs cheerfully outside though children are cold. ><。

It is necessary to greet the people of the foreign country made friends in the month before last though it separates for a while.
Thank you for your kindness variously in evil spirit's cave.
Because gentle people come, it does unabashedly for a while though buffing cannot be done.

I marry in April.
The other party is a veterinarian who works for the wildlife protection center.
It is very gentle, reliable one.
He is loved. (〃∇〃)ゞ
It was really happy though had just made friends. married therefore, wanted to stop playing a game at a while, and to value the time of two people
Thank you.
Moreover, it is energetic and until the day when it meets;
It prays sincerely so that you may healthily spend it.

Good evening.
Can always spend it with a smile by you. パチッ♡-(^ー'*)(,_,*)